21 Day Bible Reading Challenge

Goal: to help us run with endurance the race God has set before us!

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Keep Running Forward

When the future feels uncertain, it may seem tempting to stop pursuing healthy habits or long-term goals. And yet, what you choose to do every day still matters. 

That’s why every February we commit to doing the 21-Day Challenge: to help you run with endurance the race God has set before you. 

The Challenge starts on February 1 and continues throughout the month of February.

Get ready today by selecting Plans and inviting Friends to join you!

Ready... Set... RUN!

Ready … Set … RUN!

If you were to look at where your life is headed, would you say you’re running toward Jesus? 

The steps you choose to take each day will determine the trajectory of your life—which is why deciding to draw near to God every day matters. 

Continue to actively move toward Jesus by joining the 21-Day Challenge.

Just complete 21 Plan days during the month of February, and you’ll earn an exclusive Badge.

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YouVersion Bible Reading Plans

Join Pastor Manny In ReadingThis Plan

Join me in reading Faith. Love. Hope. 21-day Plan By Doxa Deo:



Positioning Ourselves to Receive More from God

The Holy Spirit is preparing the Church for the greatest re- vival and the most intense pressure experienced in all of hu- man history. Unmistakably, the Scriptures reveal that the years preceding the Lord’s return will be the Church’s finest hour, as the Bride of Christ is purified by the fires of revival and the fires of persecution.

Scripture assures us that the Bride at the end of the age will be fully prepared for the return of Christ (Rev. 19:7). This means that radical changes will come to the Church, as much of what the Church accepts as normal today will be dra- matically altered.

As the end of the age draws near, we must ask ourselves how we can cooperate with the Spirit so that we may walk in the power and intimacy with God that the New Testament church walked in. Part of the answer is found in embracing the fasted lifestyle and thereby positioning our hearts to receive more from God.