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Life Groups

Life Group Leader Training

Sunday, Apr 08

1:45 - 3:45 pm  (EDT)

There will be LifeGroup leader training on April 8th for LifeGroup Leaders who have not had training in 2018.

We are so excited to announce that Spring LifeGroups will Launch on April 29th!!! If you are interested in leading a group please fill out the attached request or see us at the Info Bar on this Sunday to receive and complete your LifeGroup application! Applications should be completed and returned by April 8th.

Have you considered what your “Next Step” will be within Lux Church? Consider Joining and or Leading a LifeGroup.

Life Groups Leaders Class Sunday April 8th.


"LifeGroups are where we choose to enter into community with each other and practice the faith life God calls us to live. Here, no matter how large church becomes we still remain intentional in building deeper Christ Centered relationships"!

Life Group Information Form