I Love My City "Go" Sunday

"Church isn't church unless our compassion spills beyond the walls of our weekend services."

What is I Love My City "Go" Sunday

To us, church isn't church unless our compassion spills beyond the walls of our weekend services, this is the purpose of the I love my city "Go" Sunday.

on this day we partner with several local organizations and charitable groups to provide goods and services to those in need here at home in our city RVA.

It is our prayer that on this day we might accurately show our city the reality of who Jesus is and shine as bright lights of faith, hope and love.

Date & Time

Next Sunday, April 29th

Starting location: 1900 Chamberlayne Ave, 23222

Ending location: 3000 Chmaberlayne Ave, 23227

Time: 9am - 1pm (Your time of arrival depends on the serve team you join.)

Serve Team Descriptions

Below you will find a brief description of the teams available to serve on, Please choose your team.

Richmond Urban Ministry Institute (R.U.M.I)

  • Here we will be cooking lunch for the residents as well as cleaning and painting select resident units.

EnRichmond Evergreen Cemetery

  • Here we will partner with the City of Richmond and Life Church to remove trash, pull weeds and beautify this historic Richmond cemetery.

James River Park Systems

  • Here we will remove trash, clean up and beautify the river access across from Tredeger Iron Works Museum. (location of our baptisms)

Jackson Ward Prayer Walk

  • Here we will walk and pray for the community that we will soon be in. We will also walk and pray in front of our future home Sharon Baptist Church.

Please Choose Your Team below.

We will pray on site of each location for our city and the specific neighborhood and those whom have opened a door for us to serve.

Choose Your Team